Terms of use

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Adults only

Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to create accounts or use this service.

Submitting illegal or copyrighted material

You may not submit any illegal materials, or materials that are copyrighted by entities other than yourself. This applies to information and images posted to user profiles and to information sent in messages to other users.

Harassment and abusive behavior

You may not harass users by sending messages with offensive content or by sending repeated unwanted messages. You may not post information about other users in your profile description without their consent.

Offensive content

You may not post offensive content of any kind. This applies to information and images posted to your profile and to information sent in messages to other users. Our staff will be the sole judge of what is and is not offensive.

Using user submitted content

You may not access or collect information posted by other users for any reason other than the stated purpose of this service.

Commercial use

Commercial use of any kind is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: posting content on behalf of a corporation, collecting user information for commercial purposes, or soliciting users for commercial purposes.

Automated Access

You may not access this service with automated software programs or scripts.


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